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Serotonin-Plus Weight Loss

Looking to lose weight? Have you tried losing weight with programs that work initially – and the weight comes back in 6-12 months?
Have you gained weight after menopause? Have you recently had a child and trying to get back to your pre-baby body?

Lakeshore Weight Loss can help.

The Serotonin-Plus weight loss program provides you with access to a team of highly trained medical doctors that will work closely with you – initially to rid your body of unwanted fat, and then focusing on behavior and lifestyle changes through our four-phase, customized program.


the most popular program is 12 months, and we work closely with our clients so they can sustain healthy weight goals even when the program is completed

Real food

no shakes, bars, or shots; we encourage simple, small changes that allow you to enjoy many of the same foods in moderation


monthly checkups with a doctor allow us to customize the plan to your needs and to ensure the plan is working safely and effectively


our trained physicians promote healthy lifestyle changes that will help the weight stay off even when you’re done with our program

Contact us now to speak with a health professional who can answer your questions and schedule a free consultation to see if the Serotonin-Plus program is right for you!

Why Us?

  • Highly trained

    With over 40 years of experience between our three physicians, your well-being is of utmost importance

  • Weight loss experts

    The Serotonin-Plus Weight Loss Program was developed and is endorsed by doctors

  • Available to talk

    Contact us M-F 7:30am-5pm for a free consultation

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